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Welcome to Ponteland Medical Group

This website has lots of easy read information about:
• How to join the practice
• How to make appointments
• What the practice looks like
• Annual health checks

Click the blue buttons to learn more about what each one says.

Annual Health Checks

During an annual health check the doctor will check that you are healthy. Annual means once a year.

The doctor will ask you questions about your health and life. You can ask the doctor questions too.

Before your appointment we will send you a form with questions (a questionnaire). This is so you have lots of time to think about your answers before your appointment.

Walkthrough video

Click play on the video below to watch a walkthrough of Ponteland Medical Group. In this video you will see how to enter the building, our reception area and some of the rooms you might be treated in.

Ponteland Medical Group


Ponteland Medical Group
Ponteland Primary Care Centre
Meadowfield, Ponteland
Newcastle, NE20 9SD

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